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Thermostatic mixing valves for multiple purposes

Always stable temperature, in-built anti-scalding mechanism

Connection range: 1/2" - 4" depending on the model

Operating principle

WATTS eurotherm mixing valves have very fast and accurate temperature responses.
Both bimetallic mechanisms and wax cartridges are used.

Other features

★ Safety: The valve automatically shuts down if the cold water supply stops (anti scald mechanism)
★ Stability: The mixed water temperature is stable even in situations where supply water pressure, flow or temperature is fluctuating
★ Maintenance: Is very simple and can be done on location by simply applying a spare or new cartridge

Product Overview (※ details are displayed when you click each product)

T / TX series

Connection range 1/2" - 2" Temperature range 0 - 40℃, 10 - 50℃, 30 - 70℃

Generally speaking the most versatile of the WATTS mixing valves in terms of flow rate and applications.


Connection range 1/2" - 3/4" Temperature range 15 - 45 ℃

For panel mounting on cabinets, bathtubs etc.

MMV series for general as well as solar use

Connection range 1/2" - 1" Temperature range 30 - 65 ℃

The MMV-C type is designed for general purposes at moderate temperatures. The MMV-S type is designed for solar applications. The temperature of the incoming hot water must not exceed 110 ℃.

Industrial valves

Connection range 2 1/2" - 4" Temperature range 10 - 50℃, 30 - 70℃

Applicable in various industries, for heated swimming pools etc.Operated by a bimetallic mechanism. Therefore no motor or electric controls needed.

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